Effective engagement between clients, stakeholders and communities builds understanding, trust and support. We design thoughtful engagement plans using a range of targeted methods from public exhibitions, supply chain events and working groups, to social media and local liaison. We help our clients to build and maintain positive relationships, creating mutually beneficial outcomes.

Community & stakeholder engagement

Policy and process go hand in hand. We understand that national policy objectives can have local impact and vice versa. We establish relationships between organisations, decision makers and government to achieve the strategic objectives of our clients. We monitor and respond to policy and regulatory change in Westminster, enabling us to deliver strategic communication and influential engagement at local and national level.

Public affairs

We are ready to listen to the public’s opinion on matters affecting them. Being receptive and responsive is key to consultation. We specialise in helping our clients to conduct a bilateral and continuous exchange of views, ideas and opinions which shape carefully considered plans and proposals. From large-scale statutory consultations for NSIPs, to smaller ad hoc activities such as public meetings and online surveys; we are ready to help our clients to listen, respond and manage risks.


Effective management of print, online and broadcast media is essential to getting your message heard and understood. From building and managing lists of influential media contacts, issuing carefully crafted press releases and pitching editorial ideas, to handling media requests and providing full monitoring of your press coverage; we’ve got it covered.

Media relations

Change can be met with mixed feelings amongst those it is likely to impact. We help clients to build meaningful and long term relationships with the communities in which they work. By helping them to deliver genuine and significant benefits, our clients can support communities in ways that are important and relevant to them.

Community relations

A successful event is underpinned by scrupulous planning, strong coordination on the day and strategic follow up. Whether it’s a public consultation, a promotional exhibition or an exclusive celebration, our water tight approach to venue research, supplier management and engaging your guests guarantees that your event will run seamlessly at every stage and leave a lasting positive legacy.


Online presence is no longer an optional extra. Going digital is a fundamental component of the marketing mix. Integrating websites, social media and email marketing, we develop agile strategies that can adapt to the fast-paced nature of digital communications. Our focus on consistency and coordination will ensure your online and offline activity run harmoniously. 

Digital marketing

Sometimes words can only tell half the story. Supporting your messages with stunning design adds strength, meaning and the power of persuasion. From striking exhibition stands, newsletters and brochures to bold websites, e-bulletins and infographics, we use design to make even the most complex of messages, a lot easier to digest.

Creative promotion & design

Complex messaging requires careful handling. The need for clear and concise communication on internal matters is key to keeping employees and other stakeholders engaged and aligned. We deliver strategic communication plans with thoughtful messaging tailored to suit your purpose and audience. Getting it right internally is the foundation to building understanding and support externally.

Internal communications

Being a socially responsible business can make a difference to the overall success of your organisation. We can help you to identify and deliver relevant and meaningful initiatives within communities. Initiatives that will help you to build trust through a greater understanding of your business, your values and your vision. Being socially responsible is your responsibility; but we’re here to help.

Corporate Social Responsibility


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